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Composer Competition


Show off your composition skills for a chance to be featured at Press Start’s next live concert! 


After an incredibly successful first year, we're excited to announce our second annual Composer Competition, featuring BAFTA award-winning and the first-ever GRAMMY-nominated video game score Journey by Austin Wintory. Challengers will choose from a list of selected themes and create an arrangement taking Journey’s breath-taking melodies as inspiration while letting their own unique compositional voice shine through in their submissions. 


Selected finalists will have their work premiered live by Press Start Orchestra in New York City. To sweeten the deal, the winner of our composer competition will take home the grand prize of $500! 


Are YOU up to the Challenge? ….Ready. Set. PRESS START! 


The Specs

  • Each submitted score should be between 7-10 minutes in length

  • The work should be written for string orchestra, guitar, and flute (regular/alto/bass), in any configuration

  • Applicants may incorporate as many themes from the pre-approved VGM tracklist in their composition

  • Arrangements may not have been previously recorded or released for sales or streaming; previous live performances are acceptable 

  • Applicants are encouraged to submit as many arrangements as they please 

  • Contestants must be 18 years of age or older and reside within the United States

  • Deadline for all submissions by end of day on Sunday, April 24nd at 11:59 PM (EST)

Press Start Composer Competition

The Tracks

Select one or more Journey themes to include in your arrangement:


Nascence | Threshold | The Road of Trials | Temptations | Apotheosis | I Was Born For This

**We have acquired a license from the copyright holders for the video game themes listed here for you to arrange for this competition.**

How to Apply

In order to apply, please prepare the following documentation and submit through the Google Form linked below.

  • A brief program note (250 words) about the your arrangement

    • This language will be used to promote your work on social media and in concert program

  • Full scores (2), one with candidates name and one without for adjudication purposes (PDF)

  • A copy of each individual ensemble part (PDF)

  • An accurate MIDI playback representation as a .mp3 file

    • Note: Please make sure to check your .mp3 file plays through before submitting. Unplayable MIDI files will disqualify candidacy


All candidates will be notified no later than May 15, 2022. Selected finalists will have their work premiered live in Summer 2022. Winner will be announced at the concert and will receive a cash prize of $500. All other submissions will be considered for future video production and/or Press Start live events. 

Full Terms and Conditions of contest can be reviewed HERE.

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